Tossed Cookies

Mmmm, fiber….

I finally got to my local yarn store!  I haven’t been since, well, before this blog even existed, even though it’s the only place that sells fiber within bus riding distance from campus.  If you’re in the area and wanting fiber, check out Yarns Etc.  They carry no generic brands, like Lion Brand, Patons, or Red Heart, so it can get a bit pricey, but look what I got for less than $5!


They sell bundles of wool top (2 or 4 ounces, I can’t remember…) for $2 each, so I grabbed these to play with.  If I hadn’t already ripped them apart for blending, I’d be tempted to name them and keep them on my windowsill to pet and appreciate…  Anyways, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.  Yay for spinning!  By the way, anyone have any ideas for what these should eventually become?  I’m thinking a hat, since it’s wool in North Carolina and I’m not sure how much yardage I’ll get, but something simple to show off the colors.  Suggestions, guys?


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