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Pucca and Garu II

Remember when I embroidered this for a friend a while back?  Well, I decided that I didn’t like it enough to give to anyone as a gift, so I redid it completely.  I even cross stitched it, which was my original intention!  I gave it, framed, signed, and presented to that friend today and she loved it!  I think it was well timed too, since she just when through a trying break up and needed something cute to distract her.


My only issue was that, in areas with lots of black, the white fabric still shows through.  (This is 14 count Aida.)  See?  I think I’ll be using three strands of black next time…


Also, I got a pile of awesome frames from Goodwill for a dollar each!  This one was an ugly brown, which I tried to spray paint over.  Except I ran out of the plain black halfway through and had to respray them with heat resistant paint…  I think it also caused these strange crackly patterns too, which I really love!  (My frames are also heat resistant to  1200 degrees Farenheit now.)


And finally, because I was so very, very proud of this redo, my signature and the year.


Let this stand as a lesson to me:  Never be too afraid (or lazy) to reapproach a project that I’m just not satisfied with.  It’s worth the effort!

Much love and cute Asian kisses,


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ETA (12-13-09):  I’m always willing to email readers a copy of the pattern if they leave a comment on this post or email me directly (or do both!).  However, I’ve found that hotmail email accounts cannot recieve files as large as an average PDF so, when you leave a comment, remember to include a non-hotmail account!  Thank you!


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26 thoughts on “Pucca and Garu II

  1. Found your blog via the Uniform Project. This is sooo cute! Can I ask where you got the pattern?

  2. The pattern is actually from a site that no longer exists. (I believe their account with their host expired.) This was the only pattern of theirs that I happened to save. BUT! I sent you an email with the PDF.

    Hope you ahve as much fun with it as I did!
    – Cristy

  3. Ahhh Could you send it to me as well??

    I wanna make one for my wall and I can’t find any websites that has the pattern for it!

  4. It’s on its way!

  5. would someone please send me this pattern. I’ve been looking for one for months. i have a project due next week in my fashion design class and i would really like to do this pattern. Please send it to me as soon as possible. thanks!!!

  6. Your copy is on its way.
    – Cristy

  7. Thanks so much Cristy! You’re awesome :]

  8. Hi Cristy! I came across your site when I googled ‘pucca cross stitch’. :) Im planning to do this as a gift for a friend who adores pucca. Can you send me a copy please? Been looking all over the net but I guess the sites are already down. Thank you in advance :)

  9. Hmm, apparently I now hold the monopoly on Pucca-Garu cross-stitches. *evil laugh*
    Your pattern has been sent!

    – Cristy

  10. Could I ask for a copy of the pattern too? I have not been able to find it. Thanks in advance ^^.

  11. Hello. Could I also ask for a copy too? I’ve been looking for ages already. Please? Thanks. :)

  12. Your copies are on their way!

    – Cristy

  13. Alexii, please email me directly. The email address WordPress provided returned with an error message. My email address is

    – Cristy

  14. Oh. Okays. Thanks again. I sent you an e-mail already. :)

  15. Hey guys, this is just a note for anyone else who reads this post and would like a copy or the Pucca and Garu cross-stitch pattern.

    When you leave a comment or email me, please, please, do not use a hotmail account! Hotmail isn’t able to accept attachments the size of PDFs and you will not recieve my email or the cross-stitch pattern. Instead, it gets returned to me with an error message, and that’s just not very helpful…

    If you’re looking for a new email provider, I always suggest Gmail! ;)

    – Cristy

  16. hi cristy! loved the pattern! ^_^ can u send me the copy of this pucca and garu pattern? im going to make 1 for my friend! i would higly appreciate it! thanks alot ^_^


  17. hi.. who have this patteern?can i get a copy of this i will just try to make a x-stich of pucca and garu my girlfriend and i love this two.. thnx

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  19. Hi, May I please get a copy of that pattern ? I would like to make this pattern to give to a special friend of mine !
    Thanks !

  20. May You be willing to send me a Copy of this pattern :D I Would really Love it :D

  21. I’ve been looking for this pattern for a while now, I started this project like 3 years ago, but I lost the file with the pattern :'(, so it’s unfinished. I would really appreciate if you could send me a copy, so I can finally finish it. Thanks ;D

  22. can i ask the pattern please?? i am really a pucca lover… so if u do, can i have it? or could you just email it to me????

    -dianne_philippines,bohol 6300-

  23. hi Christy, I’ve been looking for this pattern and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I really2 wanna make this to my friend. Do u still have it? I’d be very happy and thankful if you can send it to my email. Have a great day (:

  24. Hi Cristy! I came across your site when I was doing a Pucca search! Would love to get this pattern and if you can email this to me I would be awesome. Thank you in advance <3

  25. A search brought me here. I’d love to stitch this. Please would you send me the pattern? Thank you!

  26. Can you please send me the pattern?… I would really appreciate it! Can’t wait to make this as a gift for my fiance!
    Also, your work is great!

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