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Earrings, anyone?

I’ve finally recovered from, what I believe was, a brief bought with H1N1 (commonly known as Swine Flu)!  What with large numbers of people with weakened immune systems living in close quarters, colleges are breeding grounds for disease.  But I’m finally better and caught up with my late work!  Hopefully, I’ve also been vaccinated for winter too!

Anyways, the university’s prescribed isolation period left me lots of time for thumb twiddling, which produced these.  I actually have a bit of a secret bead stash… What do you think?

The hearts have been floating around for a while, so I finally just stuck them on earwires.  They’re very far from perfect, so I get to keep them!


These next ones were actually recycled from a bit of beaded fringe.  They definitely need to be restrung with some wire (rather than string) but I don’t have and wire or pins that match my earwires…  I could probably also use some needle nose pliers too. ^.^  Maybe I should switch out the coppery beads for gold, huh.


And here’s the last pair.  Another example of my non-matching wires.  I actually really love these anddon’t think the different wires are noticeable.


And I really love the lighting effects in the picture.  I think it was towards the end of my mini photo shoot, right as the sun was going down.


So, I’m thinking about having a giveaway for the third pair, and maybe keeping a few similar items stocked in the Etsy.  Interested?



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One thought on “Earrings, anyone?

  1. hey cristy love the green earrings – perfect for a victorian lady

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