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Mediterranean cuisine, anyone?

Since I love mediterranean food and don’t have a meal plan through the school this year, it was only a matter of time until I decided to tackle a greek-inspired meal myself.  Photos and a recipe after the jump!

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A Birthday Gift for Myself

Today’s my birthday!  I think it’s definitely the best birthday I’ve had in several years…  My mom sent me a package full of food and a pretty pair of earrings a few days ago and then Harry woke me this morning with breakfast in bed!  He even made eggs benedict because I’d never had it before.  But I promise that’s not why I’m here.  I bought myself a gift too!

It’s a custom needle roll made by knitonebeadtwo on Etsy.


She let me pick the color and size, so it fits all of my needles, with plenty of room to grow.  I do have more than one pair, but they’re either in use or at home…  But my hooks are more than happy to hold their place!


Along with the color and size, I asked for a belt instead of a tie.  I’m pretty much in love with this roll, and she gave it to me for a great price!


Have a good day, everyone!

– Cristy

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The Uniform Project

Welcome to those of you coming from the Uniform Project!  And thank you for your interest in my work.

If you’re looking for more information, you can see my other posts here, here, and a little bit here.  The idea for Sheena’s necklace actually came from another I made months ago.  There is a posted pattern for that one, but I’ve alterred my process since then.  Also, I’m completely willing to take custom orders!  Just drop me a line at!  (And my apologies for the link orgy.)

For my regulars who may or may not read the Uniform Project, here’s a picture of the lovely Sheena modeling it:


(Source: The Uniform Project)

And the entire outfit:


(Source: The Uniform Project)

Anyways, since this project benefits charity, I guess I just got my dose of good karma for the day!

Much Love,

– Cristy

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Meet Chani!

No, I’m not bringing in a guest writer…  I just (finally) named my new fiber! Read more…

Mmmm, fiber….

I finally got to my local yarn store!  I haven’t been since, well, before this blog even existed, even though it’s the only place that sells fiber within bus riding distance from campus.  If you’re in the area and wanting fiber, check out Yarns Etc.  They carry no generic brands, like Lion Brand, Patons, or Red Heart, so it can get a bit pricey, but look what I got for less than $5!


They sell bundles of wool top (2 or 4 ounces, I can’t remember…) for $2 each, so I grabbed these to play with.  If I hadn’t already ripped them apart for blending, I’d be tempted to name them and keep them on my windowsill to pet and appreciate…  Anyways, that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.  Yay for spinning!  By the way, anyone have any ideas for what these should eventually become?  I’m thinking a hat, since it’s wool in North Carolina and I’m not sure how much yardage I’ll get, but something simple to show off the colors.  Suggestions, guys?


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Pucca and Garu II

Remember when I embroidered this for a friend a while back?  Well, I decided that I didn’t like it enough to give to anyone as a gift, so I redid it completely.  I even cross stitched it, which was my original intention!  I gave it, framed, signed, and presented to that friend today and she loved it!  I think it was well timed too, since she just when through a trying break up and needed something cute to distract her.


My only issue was that, in areas with lots of black, the white fabric still shows through.  (This is 14 count Aida.)  See?  I think I’ll be using three strands of black next time…


Also, I got a pile of awesome frames from Goodwill for a dollar each!  This one was an ugly brown, which I tried to spray paint over.  Except I ran out of the plain black halfway through and had to respray them with heat resistant paint…  I think it also caused these strange crackly patterns too, which I really love!  (My frames are also heat resistant to  1200 degrees Farenheit now.)


And finally, because I was so very, very proud of this redo, my signature and the year.


Let this stand as a lesson to me:  Never be too afraid (or lazy) to reapproach a project that I’m just not satisfied with.  It’s worth the effort!

Much love and cute Asian kisses,


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ETA (12-13-09):  I’m always willing to email readers a copy of the pattern if they leave a comment on this post or email me directly (or do both!).  However, I’ve found that hotmail email accounts cannot recieve files as large as an average PDF so, when you leave a comment, remember to include a non-hotmail account!  Thank you!

Earrings, anyone?

I’ve finally recovered from, what I believe was, a brief bought with H1N1 (commonly known as Swine Flu)!  What with large numbers of people with weakened immune systems living in close quarters, colleges are breeding grounds for disease.  But I’m finally better and caught up with my late work!  Hopefully, I’ve also been vaccinated for winter too!

Anyways, the university’s prescribed isolation period left me lots of time for thumb twiddling, which produced these.  I actually have a bit of a secret bead stash… What do you think?

The hearts have been floating around for a while, so I finally just stuck them on earwires.  They’re very far from perfect, so I get to keep them!


These next ones were actually recycled from a bit of beaded fringe.  They definitely need to be restrung with some wire (rather than string) but I don’t have and wire or pins that match my earwires…  I could probably also use some needle nose pliers too. ^.^  Maybe I should switch out the coppery beads for gold, huh.


And here’s the last pair.  Another example of my non-matching wires.  I actually really love these anddon’t think the different wires are noticeable.


And I really love the lighting effects in the picture.  I think it was towards the end of my mini photo shoot, right as the sun was going down.


So, I’m thinking about having a giveaway for the third pair, and maybe keeping a few similar items stocked in the Etsy.  Interested?


Do you Rasterbate too? (Project Idea and Mini Tutorial)

Heyyyy guys!  Remember me?  I’ve finally unpacked, settled in, and started classes!  There were some mix ups with my classes, but I’m looking good for another semester!

But even with all the crap I brought with me, the white walls were looking a little boring…   So what do you think?


That’s the wall above my bed.  You can’t read the text underneath the monkeys, but they say “See, Speak, Hear.”  (Notice my blanket too?)  To keep things kosher, here’s the source link.


And this is the wall above my desk.  I know how very crooked it is…  I probably could’ve made this one a little bigger too, but it leaves me space for more!  Also:  Image Source


The Rasterbator takes your image and essentially pixelizes it, but with circles.  See the above and below examples?  Up close, the image looks like nothing more than colorful circles but, from a distance, it’s a pretty picture!


I suppose you want to know how it’s done?  Because it’s super easy!  Here are some basic instructions, but the website guides you through it well:

Step 1:  Find your image.  You can use one directly off the internet or that you have stored on your computer.

Step 2:  Head to and click on “Rasterbate online.”

Step 3: Follow the instructions though the cropping, choosing page sizes, etc.  For scale, my first image is 3×9 and the second is 2×2 sheets of US Letter.  I also used a dot size of 7mm, the smallest allowed for my size paper.  (The Gallery is also a good source for ideas.)

Step 4: After you’ve downloaded the PDF, print the document and remove the borders (preferably with a paper cutter, but I only had scissors).  Tape it all together, hang it on the wall, and you’re done!

You can find more on the website, especially in the FAQ and Forum.

Good Luck!


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