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Glass Etching

So I finally got around to making Harry’s birthday gift!  Only the day before he came to visit, too…   I alluded to this gift way back in April, and nothing’s changed since then except the designs.  I know he’ll like these the most because he basically picked them out himself withough knowing!  I knew he’d been considering getting a tattoo for the last several years, so I told him that my brother and I had been talking about tattoos and asked him to give me his favorites (in order, no less!).  My theory:  If he likes something enough to get it permanently inked on him body, he can’t complain if it shows up a few other places too!

Here’s the set!  I wanted single shot glasses, but Walmart wasn’t cooperating with me…  Also, I read somewhere in the depths of Craftster that tinted water helps etched designs show up, and I have to agree.

A Boo, from Mario (right?  I didn’t play video games until this year..)


A Bob-omb, also from Mario


Pi, fairly obvious.  I also wanted to get the first few numbers down the back of the glass, but it wasn’t possible with the fabric paint method I was using.  Next time, I’m definitely trying the painter’s tape version.


Finally, the Bohr model of the atom.  Again, I had difficulties with smaller detail.  And the really geeky among you (I love you all, really) can protest that the model isn’t even accurate, but the atomic orbitals aren’t as aethetically pleasing!


We’re nerds, aren’t we?  His birthday is tomorrow, so we’ll see how he likes them!  I also bought some cookies from an Asian market in Charlotte, but I already gift wrapped those.

And would you like the world’s shortest tutorial?  Buy glass, wash glass, tape design to the inside of the glass, outline with fabric paint, fill in blank places with more paint or masking tape, let dry overnight, coat in Armor Etch, wait 5 minutes, rinse off Armor Etch, peel off paint and tape, and wash your newly prettified glass!  If you look on, you can find several tutorials (as well as some spectacular examples), which is where I drew from.  I was originally inspired by ladypie’s StarTrek Glasses.

Would “Live long and Prosper” be an appropriate sign off?  I don’t know the Mario equivalent…


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One thought on “Glass Etching

  1. We have several supplies and tools for glass etching, but are always on the lookout for great examples of fun projects.

    Thanks for sharing!

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