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Pucca and Garu

I though that switching houses every day to house sit for my mother and spend my evening with my father (it *is* his week, afterall) would severly limit my crafting this week, but it’s actually been a boon!  I have access to all my materials, and with all the guys working in the house, I don’t feel right just sitting in front of the TV, so my hands are constantly working on something.  The next few posts will be everything I’ve done since Monday!  (In order, no less.)

I owe an old friend a gift, so I embroidered some of her favorite characters!  Hopefully they’re still her favorite, but we haven’t talked much recently.  The satin stitch is a bit spotty.  I’ve never done it before and I was trying not to run out of black thread.  Hopefully, I can hide the gaps whenever I frame it…  The heart made me realize why metallic threads are so very hated, and I have to agree.  Also, anyone know where I can find good, cute frames and batting?  The piece is about 3×4 in.

Those of you who have been kicking around for a while might remember these guys from an early, early post.  They were cross-stitched, but I haven’t learned that yet.. ^.^


Hopefully I can get this framed and to her soon!


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2 thoughts on “Pucca and Garu

  1. I juss wanted to ask if you still had the pattern. and if you do would you please send it to me as soon as possible. I needed before the end of this week. I want to do it as a project that is due next week. thanks!!!

  2. It just takes one comment, I promise. ;)

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