Tossed Cookies

Just because I’m an atheist, doesn’t mean I’m a bad person!

I’ve also been looking more into paper cutting.  Most paper crafts aren’t really my thing (Glue and I haven’t gotten along since pre-K and a fateful macaroni noodle portrait), but something about paper cutting gets me interested.  I think it’s the permanence of every cut.  With yarn, mistakes can be fixed with a few careful pulls, but paper cutting mistakes have to be worked into the image or you get to restart.

Anyways, this was my test/practice piece.  I’m thinking about extending this to Etsy (interested?) with a few fixes like bolder letters and maybe some border decoration.  I’m also very undecided about the crescent and whether it looks better completely open or merely outlined.  I rather like the dictionary page, but I could be crazy.  As to Etsy, I probably wouldn’t be able to offer framing, unfortunately…  grr.


A closeup of the virgin:


A quick word on the political rammifications of this piece:  Yes, I was raised atheist/agnostic but I’ve been known to pray when the situation calls for it, although I call it “extremely ferverent wishing” since you aren’t supposed to pray only when you want something.  I also love religious art and writings and my life goal is to view at least one service of every religion and its various denominations.  Probably because I’m a bit of a feminist, I cherish the Virgin and chose to highlight her, but I have another version, which is only a template so far, that includes a border with various religious icons (cross, wheel of dharma, star of david, fsm, om, swastica, star and crescent, and yin yang).  Basically, I’m not trying to be inflamatory or anything.




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