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Yet another craft?

Why yes, I am doing something new!  I know, I really ought to be crocheting, developing patterns, etc, but hey, you’re only young once and nobody should be closeted into just one niche!  Yarn isn’t very appealing during the summer, but I still have a tiny little yarn update.

Remember my yarn I dyed?  I finally wound it up (by hand, no less) and meet my ball winder!  It really is the midsection of an alto recorder.  I was looking for something that had a decent circumference and would let me slide the ball off easily when I was done.  What do real spinner/dyers use?  (Besides a machine.  I don’t have that kind of cash.)


Also, I found this chart…  Armed with merely a postal scale and and idea of the yardage, you too can find the correct name, gauge, and needle size of your yarn!  (Thanks to Nancy’s Knit Knacks.)

Yarn Weight Chart

Anyways, here’s the new craft!  How do you feel about paper cutting?  My mother and I, years ago, used to make them occasionally with scissors, but since I prefer the feel an exacto knife, I printed out a few templates for practice.  I’m hoping to make my own soonish, and maybe Etsy them.  (Yes, “to Etsy” is now a verb.)  Think I could pull it off?  I’ve got a few ideas, but ideas in my head don’t always translate as well to paper.  (har har)  If you’d like to try, free templates are hard to find but I got mine here, here, here, and here.


Sorry about posting so sporadically.  I’ll be bumping between my parents three times this week (after having just recovered from unpacking after summer school!) and my mom’s house is having the floor replaced after a leaky refridgerator destroyed it…  Anywho, have a charming week and I love you all dearly!



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