Tossed Cookies

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Kool-Aid…

Every once in a while, my mom gets me to clean out my closet.  But it’s really not so bad because sometimes, I find things like this old sweater.  I’ve had it for years and loved it, had memories with it, etc, but now it’s just the wrong fit.  So I followed this tutorial and scrapped it for yarn!  My seams were actually crocheted, so taking everything apart was pretty much a piece of cake (find the end and pull!).

The front (pretty cables, huh?):


And back:


I got 1050 yards out of it, which is insane, and I’ve never had green before!  But something about using that much same-color yarn sounds beyond boring, so I dragged my brother into a dye party!  I used Kool-aid and about twenty tutorials off the internet, just trying out different methods.  (Like this, this, and this.)

He’s supposed to be the artistic one, so I gave him the second skein from my last dye run (with the coffee).  I was actually really scared of his skein at first…  He pretty much drenched it in red dye, at first.


And if that’s not the face of a happy teenage boy, then I don’t know what is.  I think he’s a bit embarassed about how pink it turned out though!


I did the same method with 300yds of green sweater yarn, in blues and greens.  It also helped straighten the yarn, so it’ll knit up easier.  But look at all the variegation!


Want a close up?  (And that finger in the bottom is what happens when you dont use gloves.)


About the fiber content, the bright red is Patons Classic Wool in Natural (so 100% wool) and the sweater tag read 50% acrylic, 25% wool, and 25% nylon, so I’m pretty sure I can’t get anything darker than a tint…  Does anyone have any ideas for finding its gauge weight?  Then I could just buy the correct size, rather than a full set and trying them all.  It seems like it might make a nice sock yarn too.

I’m also trying the dip dye method, but i’m leaving it out in the sun, so it’s taking a lot longer…  Maybe I’ll get some nice subtle striping?  The vinegar bottle is just there to prop up the undyed part and avoid the cappillary action. (Like when water “climbs up” surfaces like paper or you link a full glass and an empty glass with yarn and the water drips into the empty glass.)


So, I still have 600 yds to dye, but I’m *completely* wiped out of Kool-Aid.  I’m thinking about selling a skein or two on Etsy…  I can’t imagine using up all of this yarn any time soon, but knowing me, it would be gone in an instant.  Either way, anyone interested?  I’ll take suggestions too, at least until I can get to the grocery store for more dye.

Thanks!  And sorry it’s so long, but I’m very proud.  Once I learn to spin, I’ll have almost the entire process down!  All I want/need now is a sheep!


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