Tossed Cookies

Random Photo Friday 8

It’s Photo Friday on a Thursday!  This is mainly because tomorrow, I have to take an exam, pack my room, drive back home, etc.  So, first…

This isn’t very crafty, per se, but graphic design is a skill I’m rather bent on learning…  This may not be the most groundbreaking work ever, but the tutorial was an excellent exercise in technique.  (I also made that banner up top. ^.^)


Next, I picked this necklace up a thrift store, Time After Time, with the intention of scrapping it for parts.  (And I really needed a clasp…)  It’ll reappear in various incarnations eventually.


And the original reason I bought the necklace, which I’m sending off to the Uniform Project tomorrow!  I think I’ll be taking custom orders on these too, if anyone’s interested.  Email me, and we can work something out!


Finally, this is part of the crochet project I mentioned a while ago.  I’ve been in a slump recently, as i’m sure you’ve noticed, so he’s in limbo for right now…  But I’ll be back, I promise!



Currently Watching: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – “Wednesday, July 22, 2009”


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