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Progress! And some advice wanted…

Yes, this has been an all-consuming project recently…  I *do* have school, you know.  Anyways, I managed to finish up all of the beads in a few days.  They take a rather deceptive amount of yarn, probably because these are slightly bigger that my originals.  So I managed a total of 22, and I think I want more…


And this would be me wearing it.  I think I’m a bit taller (5’9″) than the recipient, but it’s hard to tell from the internet.  Now here’s my big question.  Do you think this is enough or should I attempt to dye two more batches?  You can see the color variation in this picture, and I’m not sure how possible it would be to repeat it…  It’s about 3.5 ft long from end to end right now.


Thank you guys!  Comments would be beyond helpful.


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One thought on “Progress! And some advice wanted…

  1. I think it will be fine. Just my humble opinion.

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