Tossed Cookies

I dyed!

*Ahem* Be careful when you say that over the phone.  Harry was worried he was dating a zombie.

Anyways, clearly no Photo Friday today because, well, my week has been pretty boring and I don’t think you want a photo montage of my classes.  But dyeing for the first time is much more exciting, really.  I also already have plans for this yarn, so that’s what we’ll be doing probably for most of next week… The dyeing is after the jump!


I followed a mixture of two tutorials (here and here).  I think it looks rather spaghetti-like…  Or maybe I’m just hungry.  (This is Paton’s Classic Wool Merino in Aran, my first wool ever!)  This is picture heavy, by the way.


I actually used some instant coffee thing for dyeing, which is probably why it turned out so light.  Nescafe Clasico, to be precise.  I started using 3 packets, but in an attempt to get the second batch darker, dumped in 4 more…  I saved the last for me because, after starting at 3am and working until 9ish, I needed it!  It was so tempting to drink, even after I added the vinegar (which the smell of coffe completely overpowered).


Once I started dyeing, the colors looked charmingly rich, and the smell wasn’t too bad either!


Of course any experienced dyer would know not to trust the color of the soaking wool, but I’m not exactly experienced.  The first batch is on the left and you can see some slight color differences, but it’s not exactly striking


I do really love the first batch (and I’m not even a fan of neutral colors).  Yes, that is a zombie in the background.


I haven’t wound the second batch up yet, since it’s still damp in spots.  But see, there really isn’t very much difference in color.  I also think I managed to felt the yarn a bit, oops!  I’ll consider it a learning  experience, right?


I think I’ll call this color camel… which will be horibly confusing if I ever get my hands on some real camel, I’m sure.  Now, since that was only one of the two balls I bought, I can’t want to get some koolaid!  (Low budget dyeing experiments for the win!)

Very much coffee-scented yarn love,



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