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Happy (belated) Independence Day!

I’m a horrible blogger, I know!  I better have a story to make up for my absence, right?  It’s one of those stories I’ll look back at and laugh.  Here goes…


At the very last minute, Harry (pictured) told me he was coming down Thursday.  We hung out, played games, etc until Saturday (Independence Day in the US).  He found directions to the State Fair for fireworks and we went to dinner as just the two of us.  Except we forgot to tip the waitress.  Which we blame for the entire rest of the night…

First, the State Fair was unbelievably crowded, so we watched fireworks over a machine shop (very Americana, believe me).  Then, as we’re driving home, the car starts having some overheating problems, which were supposedly fixed last week.  We stop at a gas station, check under the hood a bit, and keep going.  Of course, less than 5 miles later, smoke starts pouring out of the hood!  With the help of some sincerely kind people, Harry pushes the car into a movie theater parking lot.

Once Harry arranges everything with AAA, we start trying to find a friend who can get us home.  Of course, this is in the middle of the summer (school and vacation), on a night when beer flows freely and there are explosions to be had.  The only person we reach is Harry’s ex-girlfriend, who shows up with her new girlfriend.  The awkwardness in that car was unbelievable, I swear!  (Did I mention we sat in an anthill while we were waiting for her?  I’m still scratching.)  So, between that night and an essay due yesterday, I’ve been swamped.  But, pleasantly so.  It’s nice to be around craziness.

Anyways, thank you very much for listening to me, and (hopefully) we’ll have something big later this week!  Did I mention Harry brought me a gift?


It’s a squirrel!  And it’s tiny!  On a squeeze bottle of lemon juice for comparison.


Much love!


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