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I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Kool-Aid…

Every once in a while, my mom gets me to clean out my closet.  But it’s really not so bad because sometimes, I find things like this old sweater.  I’ve had it for years and loved it, had memories with it, etc, but now it’s just the wrong fit.  So I followed this tutorial and scrapped it for yarn!  My seams were actually crocheted, so taking everything apart was pretty much a piece of cake (find the end and pull!).

The front (pretty cables, huh?):


And back:


I got 1050 yards out of it, which is insane, and I’ve never had green before!  But something about using that much same-color yarn sounds beyond boring, so I dragged my brother into a dye party!  I used Kool-aid and about twenty tutorials off the internet, just trying out different methods.  (Like this, this, and this.)

He’s supposed to be the artistic one, so I gave him the second skein from my last dye run (with the coffee).  I was actually really scared of his skein at first…  He pretty much drenched it in red dye, at first.


And if that’s not the face of a happy teenage boy, then I don’t know what is.  I think he’s a bit embarassed about how pink it turned out though!


I did the same method with 300yds of green sweater yarn, in blues and greens.  It also helped straighten the yarn, so it’ll knit up easier.  But look at all the variegation!


Want a close up?  (And that finger in the bottom is what happens when you dont use gloves.)


About the fiber content, the bright red is Patons Classic Wool in Natural (so 100% wool) and the sweater tag read 50% acrylic, 25% wool, and 25% nylon, so I’m pretty sure I can’t get anything darker than a tint…  Does anyone have any ideas for finding its gauge weight?  Then I could just buy the correct size, rather than a full set and trying them all.  It seems like it might make a nice sock yarn too.

I’m also trying the dip dye method, but i’m leaving it out in the sun, so it’s taking a lot longer…  Maybe I’ll get some nice subtle striping?  The vinegar bottle is just there to prop up the undyed part and avoid the cappillary action. (Like when water “climbs up” surfaces like paper or you link a full glass and an empty glass with yarn and the water drips into the empty glass.)


So, I still have 600 yds to dye, but I’m *completely* wiped out of Kool-Aid.  I’m thinking about selling a skein or two on Etsy…  I can’t imagine using up all of this yarn any time soon, but knowing me, it would be gone in an instant.  Either way, anyone interested?  I’ll take suggestions too, at least until I can get to the grocery store for more dye.

Thanks!  And sorry it’s so long, but I’m very proud.  Once I learn to spin, I’ll have almost the entire process down!  All I want/need now is a sheep!


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Random Photo Friday 8

It’s Photo Friday on a Thursday!  This is mainly because tomorrow, I have to take an exam, pack my room, drive back home, etc.  So, first…

This isn’t very crafty, per se, but graphic design is a skill I’m rather bent on learning…  This may not be the most groundbreaking work ever, but the tutorial was an excellent exercise in technique.  (I also made that banner up top. ^.^)


Next, I picked this necklace up a thrift store, Time After Time, with the intention of scrapping it for parts.  (And I really needed a clasp…)  It’ll reappear in various incarnations eventually.


And the original reason I bought the necklace, which I’m sending off to the Uniform Project tomorrow!  I think I’ll be taking custom orders on these too, if anyone’s interested.  Email me, and we can work something out!


Finally, this is part of the crochet project I mentioned a while ago.  I’ve been in a slump recently, as i’m sure you’ve noticed, so he’s in limbo for right now…  But I’ll be back, I promise!



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Random Photo Friday 7

Photo Friday is back!  I had no school today and, what with exams next week, I thought I ought to make the most of it.

First, another trip to the book store!  I love it dearly, and if you’re ever in Chapel Hill, NC, I recommend a visit.  I have a passion for truly old books, so meet Mrs. Margaret Sangster’s Good Manners for All Occasions, published in 1904.  Her paragraphs on proper correspondence and the value of your typewriter are my favorites, so far…  Also, the design on the front is probably going to be inspiration for an art project in the future.


There’s also a note on the first page which I can’t completely decipher…  The first line, “Anna +…” is beyond me, but the rest reads “Trinity College.  Durham, NC.  Jan. 1905.  ‘Fairyland.'”  Trinity College became Duke University in 1924, thanks to a grant from a tobacco magnate.  Anyways, if you can read that first line, give me a hand?


Really, this book was full of surprises.  As I was reading it, this page feel out.  It’s an advertisement for a Christian newsletter.  Most interesting:  you could subscribe for $1.50 per year and there’s an inky fingerprint in the top right corner!  The paper’s been in the book so long that it stained the facing pages.


My second purchase was I Will Be a Lady: A Book for Girls, by Mrs. Tuthill.  This is the 28th edition (popular book, huh?), published in 1854.  I haven’t started reading it yet, but I love the amount of attention the bookmaker paid his (or her) work.  And if anyone knows anything about printing in the 1850s…


Also, the cover is gorgeous.  Seriously, how do you do this?


Alright, I usually try to limit the number of pictures to four, but yeah…  One last one, I promise!  I finally managed to get into Lime & Basil, a Vietnamese Restuarant near school.  I tried an appetizer and, though I was expecting something completely different, it was really good!  Now I’m hungry all over again…   If you’re in the area, check it out!  I’m taking my mother there when she visits next week, so I can try the rest of the menu!


That’s it for the photos, but if you don’t feel like leaving me yet, you can always leave a comment on my last post!  I’m still looking for advice…  Remember, I can either lengthen the necklace or send it as is and experiment with Kool-Aid on the rest of the yarn.  Anyways, thank you very much!  I really do appreciate all of you.


Progress! And some advice wanted…

Yes, this has been an all-consuming project recently…  I *do* have school, you know.  Anyways, I managed to finish up all of the beads in a few days.  They take a rather deceptive amount of yarn, probably because these are slightly bigger that my originals.  So I managed a total of 22, and I think I want more…


And this would be me wearing it.  I think I’m a bit taller (5’9″) than the recipient, but it’s hard to tell from the internet.  Now here’s my big question.  Do you think this is enough or should I attempt to dye two more batches?  You can see the color variation in this picture, and I’m not sure how possible it would be to repeat it…  It’s about 3.5 ft long from end to end right now.


Thank you guys!  Comments would be beyond helpful.


I dyed!

*Ahem* Be careful when you say that over the phone.  Harry was worried he was dating a zombie.

Anyways, clearly no Photo Friday today because, well, my week has been pretty boring and I don’t think you want a photo montage of my classes.  But dyeing for the first time is much more exciting, really.  I also already have plans for this yarn, so that’s what we’ll be doing probably for most of next week… The dyeing is after the jump!


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Happy (belated) Independence Day!

I’m a horrible blogger, I know!  I better have a story to make up for my absence, right?  It’s one of those stories I’ll look back at and laugh.  Here goes…


At the very last minute, Harry (pictured) told me he was coming down Thursday.  We hung out, played games, etc until Saturday (Independence Day in the US).  He found directions to the State Fair for fireworks and we went to dinner as just the two of us.  Except we forgot to tip the waitress.  Which we blame for the entire rest of the night…

First, the State Fair was unbelievably crowded, so we watched fireworks over a machine shop (very Americana, believe me).  Then, as we’re driving home, the car starts having some overheating problems, which were supposedly fixed last week.  We stop at a gas station, check under the hood a bit, and keep going.  Of course, less than 5 miles later, smoke starts pouring out of the hood!  With the help of some sincerely kind people, Harry pushes the car into a movie theater parking lot.

Once Harry arranges everything with AAA, we start trying to find a friend who can get us home.  Of course, this is in the middle of the summer (school and vacation), on a night when beer flows freely and there are explosions to be had.  The only person we reach is Harry’s ex-girlfriend, who shows up with her new girlfriend.  The awkwardness in that car was unbelievable, I swear!  (Did I mention we sat in an anthill while we were waiting for her?  I’m still scratching.)  So, between that night and an essay due yesterday, I’ve been swamped.  But, pleasantly so.  It’s nice to be around craziness.

Anyways, thank you very much for listening to me, and (hopefully) we’ll have something big later this week!  Did I mention Harry brought me a gift?


It’s a squirrel!  And it’s tiny!  On a squeeze bottle of lemon juice for comparison.


Much love!


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