Tossed Cookies

Random Photo Friday 6

Alright, so I really didn’t go out and take pictures this time, but I like to keep in rhythm.  This is a mashup of random photos from my computer that just never made it into a post.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’m rather given to anthropomophization (SAT word!) so I couldn’t resist this one…


A few months ago, this graffiti motif popped up all over campus.  No explanation was ever offered about its significance, but I thinkat least some of the symbolism is clear.


Today’s Public Service Announcement:  what happens when you *do* microwave a “nonmicrowaveable” dish.  And believe me, the sounds were even more alarming than the picture…  I liked this bowl too.


I’ll leave you with the nicer cooking picture.  Here’s my oatmeal from a few days ago.  I was bored enough to even arrange the (golden) raisins on top into a pretty design.


Thank you for putting up with me this week.  I’m planning a visit to the thrift store on Sunday, so we’ll have some fresh material.  Saturday however, I’m taking a personal day.  Harry’s coming to visit!

Much love,



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