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Random Photo Friday 5

It’s so good to be back in Chapel Hill!  I’m only taking one summer course and most (all) of my friends stayed home, so I’m finding myself with a ton of time on my hands.  Truly disturbing amounts of time…  It’s amazing!  In celebration, I braved the NC heat to photo the surrounding area. (I’ll try to intersperse those photos throughout the summer.) First, my favorite place to go for a cool drink.  The area was much busier than usual; I think everyone was trying to get outside before it got too scorching…


Next, the bargain book store.  I can’t decide if I like this place because of the variety, or the smell.  Not a great picture but I was in the middle of a book on ancient Japanese philosophy… you can’t blame me!


I decided against any trite UNC pictures of the Bell Tower or the Old Well, so here’s a different perspective.  There’s the hospital, the water tower, and at least 5 different dorms, all seen from the end of my hall.


And finally, I was in desperate need of a haircut…  Here it is, right afterwards.  After showering, it has more life and bounce, but this will do for now.


Have a pleasant weekend!


Currently Listening to: “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” – We Are Scientists


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