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Random Photo Friday 4

We’ve made it through another week!  I’ve worked on lessening the number of nature-y photos and, what with summer school starting up in another week, we’ll have some all new subject matter!

But until then, nature photo! (I’m terrible, I know.)  I never manage to catch bugs when I want the for pictures (you may need to click for a bigger picture).  And besides, I wanted you to experience some of the sweltering heat that is North Carolina!


You know those tomato flowers I showed you a few weeks ago?  Here they are again!  (Though I still don’t like tomatoes…)  They’re rather.. kumquat shaped. (I love kumquats!)


Now remember when I said I lived in NC?  Not that I’m trying to confirm the redneck stereotype, but we do have this fabulously dilapidated old thing in our backyarn.  I popped my head through the broken window for this shot… (Note:  I *do not* have the accent either, thank you.)  The grate is actually off of the front of this jeep, but was placed here by what I can only assume was insanity.


And finally, did you know we celebrated our 10,000 Page Views Day about a week ago?  (Current: 12,196 views)  Thank you everyone!!  I realized that, despite the 5 months we’ve been together, I’ve never actually revealed what I look like.  Oops!  So, I present to you my visage, poorly photographed 30 minutes ago in my bathroom.  I can’t decide if I look stern or flighty… What do you think?  Also, enjoy the free pass into my bathroom!


Have a good weekend!


Currently Watching: “House, M.D.”


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One thought on “Random Photo Friday 4

  1. Heya, in case you couldn’t tell, I got bored and read your entire blog. anyways, its ‘backyard’, not ‘backyarn’

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