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Random Photo Friday 3

I know, I’ve been very off these past few weeks so, to get back into the swing of things, I promised I wouldn’t miss two Fridays in a row.  (Although it’s already technically Saturday for me…  shh!)

Today, I tried to be more varied (aka less flora), but I couldn’t resist these first two:

This one, I would buy as a print, seriously.  I’m not usually crazy about a lot of my pictures… (I usually take tons of pictures of the same thing to make sure at least one is decent.)  But something about this plant, and I knew I got it the first time!  No cropping or anything!


This one required zooming across the fish pond behind my father’s house.  I generally avoid the zoom, but the birdhouse was so unexpected, especially considering that it’s actually sitting in the lake.  I never actually saw any birds around it, though…


Here is my picture of a picture…  Okay, at least it’s just a piece of the whole work and I did actually play with the lighting.  The original (which I, unfortunately, neglected to take a picture of) is by my brother.  While he’s not at all crafty, he is incredibly creative, artistically.  I’m envious of those genes…  Anywho.  Even though this isn’t the focus of the work, I particularly like the use of color and slightly disturbing luminescence.  So, my impression of art:


This final picture has no artistic merit whatsoever.  While I understand it’s customary to present your stash, creative space, or whatever, I don’t think mine deserves it’s own post (yet).  My crafts share a closet with the kids’ suitcases (for camp, college move-in/out, etc) and it’s rather messy.  A perk of never inheriting a yarn stash: you don’t have a lot of yarn to store!  Yeah, that’s about the only perk. :p  See what you can spot!


Thank you for a great week in the comments, and have a good weekend!


Currently Listening to: “Feel So Numb” – Rob Zombie (courtesy of Pandora Radio)


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