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Swap I: I received! Twice!

I’m so very, very sorry for disappearing this past week.  I left my power cord at my dad’s and no power = no computer.  As a member of Generation Y, being so disconnected was a bit strange…  Anyways:

There was a bit of confusion during the swap, so I received both my original package and an angel package!  This is pretty much going to be a few pictures and me oohing and ahhing.  I’ve been watching VH1’s 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s (forgive my trip down memory lane…), so I’m in the mood for fangirlishness.

First, my original package, from Elensule!  She started me with sewing, with means fabric, interfacing, and lots of other terms I’m not quite familiar with yet…  There’s some embroidery stuff in there too, but mostly, fabric!  See?


And I got a bag too!  I’ll be using it a lot once school starts for books, but I’ve already taken it to the lake!  I was rather surprised it could holdeverything I needed, but I’m not complaining!  Ignore the weird shadows from the deck roof…


And now my angel package!  Elvissatx took embroidery instead and completely fitted me out!  First, the great crafting bag.  I wish I’d gotten a picture of the inside, becuase the lining is cute!   Blue background (my favorite color) with great big white spots.  And so fresh and summery too…


And here are the contents, all layed out!  I’ve read so much about how wonderful the Sublime Stitching book is, so I’m super pleased to get it!  I read the thing, front to back, the second I saw it.  And yes, it’s pretty much all it’s cracked up to be.  Look at all the pretty materials!  This isn’t the clearest picture of the scissors, but they’re quite ornate as well.


There, that wasn’t too picture-heavy, was it?  I’ve actually already embroidered something, but since there’s some technique involved, we’ll save it for another post!  This was my first swap, and I loved it!  Really, if you’ve never tried swapping, give it a go around.  And I’d be interested in some personal swaps, if anyone’s interested.

Thanks guy!!

– Cristy

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One thought on “Swap I: I received! Twice!

  1. i am soo jealous!! ive started embraoidery awhile back and used the same book! i have a hanky with “Darling” on it and some flowers! (i used the iron on transfers): ) it looks like you had a great swap! =)

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