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I’ve posted Humphrey the Giraffe on Etsy so non-Ravelry users can get him too!  It’s the same price either way, and I’ll email the pattern to you if you purchase him through Etsy.

Thanks guys!



Zombies! With a little slice of cute…

I haz zombie.  You can haz zombie.  Is gift!


When I began writing the pattern post, I realized it was a bit complicated, and decided to make a PDF instead.  It’s available as a download on both the Patterns page and Ravelry.  This isn’t exactly my most articulate pattern even, but I’m pretty sure it does the job… Email me about anything you find please!


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Yarn, a Pattern, and a Shameless Plug

Yarn StashRemember when I claimed I was going to the thrift store for inspiration and supplies?  Well, I didn’t.  It turns out they’re on vacation (how does a store take a vacation?!) for at least the rest of this month.  But, in the spirit of things, I made a new pattern!  I’m feeling very productive…  Unfortunately, you get this ramble first, but I promise my next post will be a full pattern write-up!  And trust me, this one’s possibly cuter than Humphrey.

Whenever I pack for school, I always manage to forgt something desperately important.  This time, I believe I forgot color (the lack of which is pictured to the left).  Humphrey the Giraffe was the very last of my  bright colors , and that little piece of yellow yarn is all that remains.  I really don’t know how I managed to squeak by.  And I apoligize for all those little balls of the same stuff, but that’s what I get for taking apart complicated projects.



The bright side to my predicament is that it’s forcing me (kicking and screaming) to think of creative patterns that can be covered by shades of blue, shades of black, brown, and white.  Here’s a preview for my next post!  Yes, I’m jumping on the zombie bandwagon…  I prefer the girl, but hey, we’re an equal opportunity blog and there’s room for every kind of zombie here!  And yes, I did make just one zombie model.  (S)He’s a little confused… ^.^

The girl is in the dress, and there’s the boy in his shorts (not a skirt!).  As usual, they both need names…  I’m not offering a prize this time, but if you think you’ve got a good one, leave it in the comments!  Also as proof I haven’t *completely* forgotten how to knit, the dress and shorts are both knitted!

Zombie3My final item today is the Uniform Project.  The idea is bring attention to sustainable fashion, while raising money for education for some of India’s poorest children at the same time.  It’s very much in the same vein as the Little Brown Dress Project from a few years ago, but I think it’s a bit more fashion forward and appeals more to a younger generation.  Anyways, the creators of the Uniform Project are open to donations for their outfits, so I emailed them about sending in a piece!  I’ll let you know about future developments!  Of course, if you’ve got something too, they’re very very personable and will definitely hear you out!

Happy Monday!


Random Photo Friday 6

Alright, so I really didn’t go out and take pictures this time, but I like to keep in rhythm.  This is a mashup of random photos from my computer that just never made it into a post.  I hope you enjoy it.

I’m rather given to anthropomophization (SAT word!) so I couldn’t resist this one…


A few months ago, this graffiti motif popped up all over campus.  No explanation was ever offered about its significance, but I thinkat least some of the symbolism is clear.


Today’s Public Service Announcement:  what happens when you *do* microwave a “nonmicrowaveable” dish.  And believe me, the sounds were even more alarming than the picture…  I liked this bowl too.


I’ll leave you with the nicer cooking picture.  Here’s my oatmeal from a few days ago.  I was bored enough to even arrange the (golden) raisins on top into a pretty design.


Thank you for putting up with me this week.  I’m planning a visit to the thrift store on Sunday, so we’ll have some fresh material.  Saturday however, I’m taking a personal day.  Harry’s coming to visit!

Much love,


This really isn’t “crafty”, per se…

…but I definitely think art should have a place here!  And because I do love pop culture and the world of comics, I have to draw your attention to Neill Cameron’s A-Z of Awesomeness.  The general premise is that readers can submit alliterating sentences, from which Neill choses one per letter to illustrate.  As Neill says, Batman is good, but “Batman Beating up a Bear” is better, especially when illustrated with Neill’s incredible work.  He has also started a facebook group (if you’re into that) where you can sumbit your own alliterations.

I’ll be back later today with business as usual!


Giraffe Contest Winners!

You all made chosing this so unbelievably hard for me, but I’m very pleased to annouce that I chose Hubert (short for Sir Hubert Norris Finkely-Smyth) as my winner!  And, because there were so many great entries, I can’t help but recognize the two runner-ups, Granville, and Neil Patrick Harris (nerd crush!) and all three of you will find the pattern in your inboxes shortly!

Hubert is now available on Ravelry (for $5) and I’ll try to get my patterns on Etsy once I have more than just Hubert.

Thank you all so very, very much for your time and readership!  You guys keep me going, day in, day out.


Giraffe Giveaway!

I know, I promised he’d be ready today, but the little bugger just won’t let me rest!  He tells me he wants a name now…  So, I’m offering a giveaway!  Whomever suggests the best (chosen arbitrarily by me) will get the pattern for free, as well as my undying gratitude!  It’s 5 pages, and full of pictures with detailed instructions.  The stitches are extremely easy (single and slip), so this pattern is suitable for all levels!


If you think you’ve got a winning name, leave your name, email address, and your suggestions in the comments below.  Everyone has an unlimited number of entries and the contest will end 24 hours hence, at 2pm EST on Tuesday, June 23.  Good luck!


Thank you!


ETA: As it is now 2pm EST, this contest is closed!!  Thank you all for your submissions and I’ll back back sometime tonight (after class) with the results!

Pattern Teaser!

Sorta… I mean, it’s not very secretive, but I am very in love with this pattern.  It’s for sale too!  Which is great for me because I’m poor and Out Of Yarn.  So, help put me through college (or yarn-buying), please?  The PDF will be available on Ravelry and Etsy tomorrow!


My, oh my, what ever could it be… ^.^


Random Photo Friday 5

It’s so good to be back in Chapel Hill!  I’m only taking one summer course and most (all) of my friends stayed home, so I’m finding myself with a ton of time on my hands.  Truly disturbing amounts of time…  It’s amazing!  In celebration, I braved the NC heat to photo the surrounding area. (I’ll try to intersperse those photos throughout the summer.) First, my favorite place to go for a cool drink.  The area was much busier than usual; I think everyone was trying to get outside before it got too scorching…


Next, the bargain book store.  I can’t decide if I like this place because of the variety, or the smell.  Not a great picture but I was in the middle of a book on ancient Japanese philosophy… you can’t blame me!


I decided against any trite UNC pictures of the Bell Tower or the Old Well, so here’s a different perspective.  There’s the hospital, the water tower, and at least 5 different dorms, all seen from the end of my hall.


And finally, I was in desperate need of a haircut…  Here it is, right afterwards.  After showering, it has more life and bounce, but this will do for now.


Have a pleasant weekend!


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Eating on a Budget: Part 1

Tomorrow is the first day of my Summer School Session and, desiring to pack lightly, I didn’t bring much in the way of crafts (we’re talking a single tote bag here, people).  I promise that the crafting will pick up when summer school ends (July 24th) but until then, we’re going to talk about food!

The dining halls don’t open during summer, so my parents sent me here with $300 in food money (it was the recommended amount).  This works out to about $8.33 per day.  I was also scatterbrained enough to forget both my refridgerator and microwave at home, severly restricting the types of foods I can buy.  I also realized that, the less I spend on food, the more I’ll have to put to other uses (ie. yarn, my World of Warcraft subscription, household expenses, etc.) and well, there’s no such thing as too much extra money.  So, you’re invited along as I learn to cook… please make sure I don’t blow anything up.

My restrictions:

  • must be cheap eats
  • must be light (I’m carrying everything back to my room across campus)
  • may not require refrigeration
  • lunch must be portable, since I don’t plan on returning to my room
  • must be healthy and satisfy the food groups

Here are my materials:


Minus the round bowls… and I don’t even know if this stuff is microwave-able!  I’m heading to the grocery store tomorrow.


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My Brea Bag

I’ve been so very pro-posting this week!  This is what I’ve been so busy with recently… The Brea Bag from Berroco!  It’s a well written pattern, I’ll give it that.  I’ve always liked cables, and I had the front and back pieces done in two days, but the gusset?!  (I had to google “gusset”)  The gusset was so incredibly boring!  It took me a month to finish, all becuase of the gusset.  Something about seed stitch just bores me to tears.  Of course, I had to do things my own way too, so my bag is much more circular than it should be.  (Just use US 8s instead of 9s if you want the same look.)  I like it; I think it makes it more age-appropriate for all of my 18-going-on-19 years.  You know you’re young when your age is an approximation, rather than a number.

Sick of me talking yet?  Here are the pictures!


For size reference:


Requisite zoom shoot.  I love how well my camera was cooperating on this one.  I wish I knew where the button came from…


I’d like to thank futuregirl for her great tutorial about sewing in linings.  It made it so much easier to do this by hand…

As a whole, I think I’m quite pleased with it…  but it gets it’s first trial run tomorrow, for a trip to the movies!


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Parfaits for Summer!

I have a strange thing for yogurt, granola, and fruit.  Mix the two together and, well, I’m a very happy camper.  So here’s a nice easy recipe for summer.  It makes a nice breakfast or, in my case, a midnight snack!

You’ll need:  Granola, Fruit (frozen is the easiest, they’re juicier and mix well), plain yogurt, a cup/bowl, and a spoon.  Oh, and saran wrap!


Layer your ingredients in the cup (this one isn’t my prettiest…).  As a rule of thumb, I try to end with granola and alternate every other row with yogurt.  It keeps the granola from getting too soggy.  Cover your cup with saran wrap and stick it in the fridge for three hours.  Longer, and that bottom layer gets mushier than I like.  Shorter, and the top layer is still really crunchy.  Of course, it’s good anytime, but I think that’s the perfect setting time!


I’m working on a knitting project that’s running a bit long… but when it’s done, I’ll be right back here!


Random Photo Friday 4

We’ve made it through another week!  I’ve worked on lessening the number of nature-y photos and, what with summer school starting up in another week, we’ll have some all new subject matter!

But until then, nature photo! (I’m terrible, I know.)  I never manage to catch bugs when I want the for pictures (you may need to click for a bigger picture).  And besides, I wanted you to experience some of the sweltering heat that is North Carolina!


You know those tomato flowers I showed you a few weeks ago?  Here they are again!  (Though I still don’t like tomatoes…)  They’re rather.. kumquat shaped. (I love kumquats!)


Now remember when I said I lived in NC?  Not that I’m trying to confirm the redneck stereotype, but we do have this fabulously dilapidated old thing in our backyarn.  I popped my head through the broken window for this shot… (Note:  I *do not* have the accent either, thank you.)  The grate is actually off of the front of this jeep, but was placed here by what I can only assume was insanity.


And finally, did you know we celebrated our 10,000 Page Views Day about a week ago?  (Current: 12,196 views)  Thank you everyone!!  I realized that, despite the 5 months we’ve been together, I’ve never actually revealed what I look like.  Oops!  So, I present to you my visage, poorly photographed 30 minutes ago in my bathroom.  I can’t decide if I look stern or flighty… What do you think?  Also, enjoy the free pass into my bathroom!


Have a good weekend!


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Art + Embroidery = Shortcut

As you may remember from earlier this month, I recieved a package with everything I needed to learn to embroider!  (I haven’t worked out the sewing machine part of sewing yet…)  And I’ve finished my first embroidery piece!  I love it, and I’d like to display it in a frame someday…  Of course, proper embroidery protocol calls for an iron-on pattern, but who follows instructions??  For this quickie, I borrowed a technique I learned years ago in a middle school art class.  Steps after the image and the jump.


Look at it!  I know, tension’s probably an issue, it needs to be ironed, and I should’ve waited for daylight, but I love it!!  The labeling was all freehand, and I’m still not sure whether I was to add the blood flow arrows.  I do like that it’s color coded and everything, though.  I’m thinking I might try some satin stitch too, inside the heart.  I also initially made the blood vessels with 6 strands, but ended up pulling up all my stitches in favor of 3.  Thoughts/critiques? (please!)


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Random Photo Friday 3

I know, I’ve been very off these past few weeks so, to get back into the swing of things, I promised I wouldn’t miss two Fridays in a row.  (Although it’s already technically Saturday for me…  shh!)

Today, I tried to be more varied (aka less flora), but I couldn’t resist these first two:

This one, I would buy as a print, seriously.  I’m not usually crazy about a lot of my pictures… (I usually take tons of pictures of the same thing to make sure at least one is decent.)  But something about this plant, and I knew I got it the first time!  No cropping or anything!


This one required zooming across the fish pond behind my father’s house.  I generally avoid the zoom, but the birdhouse was so unexpected, especially considering that it’s actually sitting in the lake.  I never actually saw any birds around it, though…


Here is my picture of a picture…  Okay, at least it’s just a piece of the whole work and I did actually play with the lighting.  The original (which I, unfortunately, neglected to take a picture of) is by my brother.  While he’s not at all crafty, he is incredibly creative, artistically.  I’m envious of those genes…  Anywho.  Even though this isn’t the focus of the work, I particularly like the use of color and slightly disturbing luminescence.  So, my impression of art:


This final picture has no artistic merit whatsoever.  While I understand it’s customary to present your stash, creative space, or whatever, I don’t think mine deserves it’s own post (yet).  My crafts share a closet with the kids’ suitcases (for camp, college move-in/out, etc) and it’s rather messy.  A perk of never inheriting a yarn stash: you don’t have a lot of yarn to store!  Yeah, that’s about the only perk. :p  See what you can spot!


Thank you for a great week in the comments, and have a good weekend!


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