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Random Photo Friday 2

I’m so proud I didn’t forget!  This week brings a mashup of some long finished projects, pretty nature pictures, and a preview of my sorry attempt at cooking.

These are (pretty much) all the ingredients I had…  And the results will be posted soon!


Senior year of high school, I crocheted two blankets.  The first was  for my now-ex-boyfriend, which I never thought to take pictures of and this one, for me!  It’s just a simple granny square style blanket (trite, I know) but I may give it a separate post some day…  It was an interesting proect, and one of my very first.


I love this guy!  He’s depressed and possibly suicidal-looking, but really cute.  Because he’s filled with rice, his head has limited posability and he has a nice weight.


Tomato flowers!  I don’t really like tomatos, but I’ve always liked their flowers.


And finally, basil!  I love everything about these plants.


Time for me to pack…  switching between parents can be such a pain.  Have a great weekend!


Currently Watching: “Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” – Lt. Jane Doe


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2 thoughts on “Random Photo Friday 2

  1. my tomato sprouts are coming along but my basil im afraid is dying!! : / ive always wondered if i should crochet something for a bf but ive heard so many stories of how you’ll regret it in the end, so maybe ill just stick to making stuff for friends and myself! have a great day! =)

  2. Haha, if you do, keep it something small!! And remember the Sweater Curse!

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