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Necessity is the Mother of Invention …and Drink Coasters

I really like eating ice. Sure, it’s a strange habit, bad for my teeth, and is just plain weird during the winter, but it tastes better some how. Unfortunately, glasses full of ice sweat, especially during North Carolina summers, and nothing ruins a nice drawing more than getting it wet.  So… I made coasters!  Although I suppose they could function as scrubbies just as well.  I also (finally) finished off the last of my Sugar’n Cream with this. I liked that yarn, but after 400 grams, the color gots tiresome. But these are cute!


This one isn’t long enough to bother with a PDF, so you can find it after the jump! Oh right, I hereby proclaim this pattern to be named… the Cornflower Coaster. Clever, I know.  (I’m sorry!  I’m being sarcastic today.)


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The Cornflower Coaster

These coasters are approximately 3.5″ in diameter across the greatest width.  This pattern requires knowledge of chains, single, half double, double, and triple stitches and is worked in the round.


Yarn:  small ball of Lily Sugar’n Cream in Soft Teal

Hook: 4.00mm (my favorite hook, have you noticed?)


Ch 4. (Counts as first tr.)

Row 1: 17 tr in first chain.  Join to third chain to create a circle. (18 total tr)

Row 2: *hdc, dc, tr in first stitch; tr, dc, hdc in second stitch; slst in third stitch* Repeat around until you reach the last stitch.  The last slst will be made in the join from Row 1.  Tie off and you’re done!

If your coaster edges are curling, soak it in water and block it under something large and flat.  Like, say, a iumbo Starbucks mug.  This thing is huge.  It eats my coaster…



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17 thoughts on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention …and Drink Coasters

  1. Great pattern; just tried it out!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks!! I thought briefly about selling the coasters… But the pattern is so easy, it’d be a rip off!

  3. Luv, luv the coasters…very pratical…I am going to give them a try…btw, I also enjoy eating ice, year round…it can be cold in our office and I’m still eating my ice…

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Ha! I knew I wasn’t a freak! And my mother swore it was just me. Pish.

  5. Hey, thanks for the pattern- I’ve made three so far. They are quick, easy, and they turn out great! I crave ice too, at all times of the year, so you aren’t crazy. :)

  6. Hi – thanks for the pattern. The coaters are so cute.

    About chewing ice all the time – I used to do that too until I started taking vitamins with iron – seems that an iron deficiencey has something to do with it. :)

  7. Hrm, that actually sounds quite reasonable! I know lots of quirks can be signs of other issues, like eating salt (ie. off pretzels or licking peanuts) indicates some vitamin imbalance. I think it was vitamin k, but i’ve forgotten…

  8. i crave ice so much too!! ive heard its a sign of anemia! the coasters are great and ill definently be making a ton of these! =)

  9. Oh, the anemia sounds likely! My mother used to get really anemic in her teens and twenties, so maybe there’s some genetics involved…

  10. I love your coaster pattern, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys eating ice.

  11. thanks for the great pattern – I am going to try it tonight.

    Years ago when I was eating ice all year ’round someone told me that it was a sign my body was low on iron.

  12. thanks for the pattern! i layered 2 of them together (one done with a larger hook) and made a lovely hair ornament.

    Thanks again!

  13. Louetta Lee on said:

    OMG! What a great little coaster pattern! I have never seen the shells done that way (in 2 stitiches). They come out so much prettier than doing them all in one stitch. And the trebles make it so quick. Very clever! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m getting ready to move from CA to NC. Good to know there will be “yarnies” there too! LLee

  14. Just happened upon this pattern and sat here at my computer and made two of these coasters with my leftover Sugar and Cream yarn. Love them! So quick and easy! The coasters I’m using now don’t absorb anything and my glass drips on me and on my plate. I think these will solve that problem. Also, I love flowers so these are perfect for me! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  16. Any suggestions on what stitch to do to add another row before the last one? I want mine a little bigger. Thanks in advance.

  17. Hi there,
    Usually if someone is cravinf ice it means you have an iron deficiency! You should definitely let your physician know. Can also be a sign of other deficiences!!
    Pattern is adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

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