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Mother’s Day and a new pattern!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

LittleSwimmer2.05Let’s get the business out of the way first, right?  I’ve got a new pattern posted on Ravelry!  The idea was suggested to me by a fellow Ravelry user, who also told me about the Condom Amulet Project (I feel like I’ve linked the hell out of them today… last one, I swear).  The idea is to spread sexual awareness, particularly in the 30+ generations.  With divorce rates rising, mothers and grandmothers are getting back out into the dating pool.  Since STDs are more common now than before, they may not be protecting themselves as frequently.  (Men, same thing!)  So in honor of my mother, I present the Little Swimmer 2.0 in never-before-seen PDF form!  It’s on Ravelry too.


I really think my life is falling together quite well right now.  I have several more ideas in the sketch book (I draw, did you know?), my boyfriend feels more like a relationship and like a best friend, my mother is happier with her life than she’s been in years, and I might be meeting the guy she’s seeing soon!  After years dealing with divorce, changing bosses, more family issues, etc, it’s such a relief.

For Mother’s Day, my brother and I made lunch and dinner (and cleaned).  The meals were …unspectacular, but we all bonded!  We’ve never learned to cook because my mother’s so amazing at it, but I think we made headway today.  At least until Ben tried to boil peanut butter in the microwave…  Then mother and daughter crafted and discussed our respective relationships.  I made my pattern and my mother made her origami paper-style pisanka.  She does these when she doesn’t feel inspired enough to draw.  Martha Stewart wrote about a similar method, though Martha uses real or wooden eggs, as opposed to clay.

The artist at work:


And her eggs:


But now it’s time for me to do the dishes, like I promised.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else!


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