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So who likes Ice Breakers?!

ice breakers


Umm, no, not quite…  I meant those awkward games they made you play at camp and on the first day of school that most people secretly enjoyed.  Since it’s high time for an interactive-type post, we’re taking a trip back to those good old days.  I know that the majority of blog readers will rarely ever comment on posts, but I’d appreciate the feedback on this one!

Here are the Questions:

1- What are you listening to?  (A song, a show on TV, the broken air conditioner?)

2- Which decade that you’ve lived through was most memorable?  I’m assuming everyone is at least 10 and yes, the 2000s are an option.

3- Pay yourself a compliment.

4- What movie made you smile (that you saw recently in a theater)?

5- If you could start any completely new craft without worrying about expense or time, what would you most want to try?

Those aren’t too bad, are they?  I guess I’ll go first…

1- I’ve been watching NCIS, except it’s being interupted every few minutes with weather warnings.  We’ve gotten severe weather, thunderstorm, and tornado warnings so far…

2- I kind of missed the 90s, really.  And the technology of the 2000s?  Freaking amazing.

3- My hair is fantastic.  After years of having a frizzy, tangled mess, puberty gave me soft, bouncy waves and barely visible red highlights.  I love it.

4- Benjamin Button was charming!  It made me want to dance.

5- It’s a tough decision between glass and metal…  I like the fluid properties of both materials, and even a very simple piece can be gorgeous.  Or very complicated…  See: Dale Chihuly

Now please leave your responses in the comments!



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One thought on “Icebreaker!

  1. 1- Dad talking about eagle projects; blegh
    2- 2000’s I don’t have a very good memory
    3- I’m happy. Yay
    4- Toy Story 3, who said Threquels are only substanceless cash-ins
    5-Makin’ cars. If only my doodles could come to life…

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