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My little swimmers…

It’s my first (somewhat vaguely) NSFW post!  Though, I think, if your boss has a problem with these, then he’s really just being self conscious and you should make him a happy one!  Also, for someone trying to get pregnant who has a Great sense of humor, these would make an amusing talisman or something…  Anyways, here’s my baby, pattern and all!  I’m sorry mine is dead, but I forgot my yarn needle, so he’s stuck with this face for now.

Little Swimmer Pattern


Hook: 4mm

Yarn: Encore Worsted by Plymouth Yarn (White)

small amount of Cotton-Ease by Lion Brand (Charcoal) or other dark colored yarn scrap

Others: small ball of polyfill, yarn needle


With the White, make a small ball.  You can choose to add the features before or after stuffing.  Begin stuffing the body around the 8th row.

1: Chain 2.

2: Sc 6 into first chain and pull tail tight (magic circle method). (6)

3: 2sc in all stitches. (12)

4: *2sc, 1sc.* (18)

5-7: 1sc in all stitches. (18)

8: *1sc, 1dec*. (12)

9: 1sc in all stitches. (12)

10: *dec*. (6)

11: *dec*. (3)

Chain 20 and then sc in each, all the way back to the body.  Your tension will determine the amount of tail curl.  Cut your tail, pull the yarn through, and use the extra to close up the body.

You can use a variety of faces to give your swimmers personality and character.  For ideas for alternative expressions, see Wikipedia’s List of Emoticons.




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11 thoughts on “My little swimmers…

  1. Wonderful!

    Can I publish this picture on my blog (with full credentials to you of course) along with a link to your blog and the pattern?

  2. Sure! I love your blog by the way, even if I can’t read it… Your pictures are fantastic!

  3. Love it!

  4. Hi! I just made this (very quickly, by the way, great pattern!) and I found that, on the tail, sc using the front loop only seems to make a curlier tail than with both loops. I also found that 1 1/2 inch pom-poms are perfect for stuffing if you don’t have any regular stuffing. Anyway, I love this and will give this to my friend for her bachelorette party (and probably make a few extras for myself!)

  5. Great! And I think pom-poms would definitely help them maintain a nice round shape! I think the tails are definitely dependent on your gauge… So whatever works is good!

    I keep my first one in my Brea bag! It comes in handy too… We were talking about weird things people keep on them at a party a while ago and well, crocheted sperm is definitely up there. (On other people: a wrench, a 20 sided die, a carved stone squirrel, tweezers…)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I’m going to make a key chain out of this!!!

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  8. Hi Cristy–great pattern! Would be willing to give me permission to use the pic in a blog post if I include a link to here and credit you? I’d be ever so grateful :D

    Jo x

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