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Unfortunately, this week and probably much of the next promise to be absolutely insane, so I’d like to make up for my absence by directing you to all the blogs and sites that I read daily.

The links are vaguely divided into two groups.  The Crafty links are all nice and G-rated, and run the gamut from large-scale businesses to personal blogs that I just particularly like.  I think the two most important are the Recent Posts on and the Recent Patterns on Ravelry.  You’ll find I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to following things, so Recent Posts gives me the last 100 posts with pictures.  I see every new tutorial, project, and idea on Craftster and I Love It.  I generally just keep it open all day and refresh every few hours.  Or minutes… depending how boring I’m feeling.  Recent Patterns on Ravelry lets me favorite projects I like as they come up.  Whenever I really need inspiration, I can check my favorites, instead of having to have a project or subject in mind.  I recommend these links because they post consistently and about topics that interest me.  Blogs that lose me generally get the boot.  I only have 24 hours in the day!

The Amusing links vary…  You may have realized that some may not be suitable for young children, but I try to keep a balance of educational and fun.  If you’ve got any suggestions, email/comment because I’d love to add more!

The Others:  These aren’t sidebar links, but I like them…  The first is the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Day.  It’s my favorite dictionary, especially since I read The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester.  The next is more adult.  It’s still in Beta testing, and there’re tons additions I’d like to see made, but I really think the premise is interesting.  For those of you with an interest in your own sexual health, check out Bedpost.  It’s completely confidential and free, and the designers seem really willing to interact and take suggestions from their customer base.  Besides, who’s not curious about how many times they’ve gotten nookie in 2009?  This is, of course, no recommendation to begin sexual activity, especially if you’re a minor.  If you want to be an active minor, talk to your parents; get informed; and, as always, get tested!  If I had a pet issue, sexual health would be the one (or flagrant comma/semicolon use…).

I think I’ve finished my spamming for the day week year.  Please give them a look-see, and remember I was not paid in any way for a recommendation! (such a shame…)




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