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Swap I: I Want to Learn to…

I completed my first swap! (Okay, I haven’t received yet, but patience is a virtue I need to practice.) And so we don’t have to link back and forth to Craftster, I’ll post the basics here. She wanted to learn to knit so…

Knitting Needles:



Transformers Washcloth:

Stitch Markers (Repo themed):

Stitch Markers again (Jayne Cobb themed):

As well as chocolate and an instruction booklet with some patterns. I’m trying to make the book available online, but we’re having technical issues… I also think I’m ready to do some personal swaps along the same vein, so if you’re well acquainted with spinning yarn or cross-stitch and like my stuff, email me at and make me unbelievably happy!



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5 thoughts on “Swap I: I Want to Learn to…

  1. that Transformers Washcloth is soo awsome!! =) so are the Repo! themed stitch markers!!

  2. Thanks! The Washcloth pattern is from Ravelry. I’ve never actually seen Repo, but I really would like to. I wonder if it’s in Blockbuster…

  3. what size of needle did you use for the wash cloth, bc the pattern doesnt really suggest any! =/

  4. I used the needles that my yarn suggested, which would be US 8s with Cotton-Ease in charcoal. Do you know what you’ll be using?

  5. ill probably be using Sugar n Cream cotton and size Us 8 or 7! thanks for telling me you used 8 so now i have an idea since ive seen some washcloth patterns using 5 or 6! =)

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