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My Baby Blanket, Complete!

Today, at approximately 2pm EST, I finished my baby blanket! It really only took me about a month, but I have the kind of personality that is incapable of devoting my time to a single project at one time. Of course, posting all those recent crochet patterns has really helped. (There’s not a lot of photos right now and I just took them, so they’re indoors and poor quality. I’ll try to replace them with something better tomorrow.)



That’s Harry holding it up for me. He doesn’t craft, but he does like watching me. And yes, look at those edges curl… I tried crocheting the first and last row to try to straighten it out but with little effect, clearly. Serves me right for using acrylic, huh. Now would I have this problem with cotton..?


This picture shows the stitches a little more clearly. I actually intended to keep the number of rows of orange and yellow the same, but I didn’t realize the error until I’d already bound off.

Again, I made a few changes to the original pattern, including using size 8 US needles and casting on with 114 stitches (for 7 pattern repeats). I also held only one strand of yarn, instead of the two the pattern called for. Yes, I like making things harder for myself! I think that’s it… Time to get back to crochet!



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