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Crocheted Earrings!

As promised on Craftster, I have some new crochet patterns.  Remember the usual copyright rules apply to everything I post.  So no copying patterns/images or selling them, please.  If you’d like to use something towards a charity, email me the details and we’ll work something out.  Thanks.  Boring lecture over, here’s the fun part!  A warning:  I tend to “manhandle” my yarn ends, since I generally can’t be bothered to properly weave my tails in.  Hide them however you like, just make sure they’re secure.

This is going to be a long post.. If you don’t/can’t crochet, go learn.  Really.


Trypdisc Earrings


I’ve used Vanna’s Choice in red, rust, and mustard and whichever hook I grabbed first (probably 3-4 mm).  You can use any yarn, really, and whichever size they recommend.

Chain 4.  This will form your first triple crochet

Triple crochet 12 or 13 more times into the first chain.  12 stitches make a flatter circle, but your circles may not lie exactly straight.  Pull the first chain tight as you go.  I also like to hide the starting tail (that seems contradictory) under the triple crochets and then trim the excess.

Slip stitch into the fourth chain.  Cut a tail a few inches long (at most) and pull through.

Repeat to make 2 more circles.

Pull the tail on the red (bottom) circle between the 7th and 8th triple on the orange (middle) circle.  Bring that tail through the slipped stitch in the red (bottom) circle and (this is the manhandling part) weave the tail back into the red (bottom) circle.  Repeat with the orange (middle) and yellow (top) circles.

With the yellow (top) use the tail to make a loop for the earring hook.

A note: If you prefer the circle with 13 total triple crochets, you may want to make the second connection between the circles between the 6th and 7th triple stitch.  This will cause them to hang more evenly.  Also, if you don’t mind slightly longer earrings but like some movement, use jump rings instead of yarn to link the circles together.


Blue Swirl Earrings


These were made with Lily Sugar n’ Cream in Soft Teal, again with the first hook I found.  However, the yarn is a 4-ply yarn, so I cut a length (several yards) and split the yarn in half.  (Twice as much yarn!)

Chain 2.  You’ve made the first sc.  Sc 13 more times into the first chain and then slip stitch into the first sc.  Unlike in the last pair, don’t bother with pulling the first chain tight.  You’re going to want a larger hole so you don’t warp the rest of the circle.

Ch 3 (making the first double crochet) and then 2.  *Dc 1 into the next sc, Ch 1, Dc 1 into the next sc, Ch 2* 6 times, and then Dc 1 into the next sc, Ch 1, and slip stitch into the first Dc.

Next, Sc over every chain and in every Dc.  Slip stitch into the first sc, cut a tail, pull the tail though, make a knotted loop, attach a earring hook, and you’re done.

When I was done, my circle was a bit floppy.  If you have the same problem, follow this before adding the hooks:  Coat yarn in a bit of Elmer’s glue and then rinsed it under the faucet to remove the extra glue gunk.  Flatten the earrings between your palms and let them air dry.  I hung mine on pushpins, which kept the loop open and made adding the hooks easier.


That’s all for tonight guys (some of use have to sleep…) but I’ll try to finish off the rest and maybe some extras tomorrow!




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13 thoughts on “Crocheted Earrings!

  1. I love these. So simple and elegant.Thanks for sharing.
    Regarding a name, I was thinking of a play on the word ‘tryptich'(‘a painting or carving on three panels’) and came up with ‘trypdisc’ or ‘tripdiscs’

  2. Hmm, I thought I replied earlier, but I guess it didn’t go through. I love your idea. I much prefer something clever and slightly intellectual than just “pretty”. And Trypdisc feels just foreign enough to match the ethnic feeling of the earrings… You’re positively a bonafide genius!

  3. i love the simplicity and funkyness of both pairs of earrings!! awsome job!! =)

  4. omg, i just made a pair like that lats week wow we think alike and i dont know you. great fall colors

  5. Pansy O'Connor on said:

    These are lovely

  6. I love both pairs of earrings and I can’t wait to make some. I have a question about the second pair. You mentioned that you split the yarn in half (twice the yarn). So are you saying you made it thicker and held two strands together or that you split it in half and made it thinner?


  7. Melanie –

    Sorry about the confusion. I meant I split the strands in half, making them thinner, but the length would double. I hope that clears up any questions!

    – Cristy

  8. I love your earrings, they are so cute.

  9. Thanks!

    – Cristy

  10. I would love the red, rust, sun earring pair. Can they be purchased?

  11. Earline McCauley on said:

    Can these earrings be made with thread yarn? If so, what size needle and how are the stitches adjusted? Thanks.

  12. Nice original patterns. I’ll definitely bookmark this.

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