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Things I’ve Knit/Crocheted Recently

To tide you over until I get a nice in-progress picture of the baby blanket, here are some other things I’ve done since I started knitting/crocheting, in no particular order:

Christmas Lace Scarf – made for a good friend after Years of her reminding me she wanted a scarf. And I gave it to her this February (fail). It’s an incredibly easy pattern, and only takes a skein for a decently long scarf.

my turtles that I am so incredibly over-proud of. They stash busted and finished off my Christmas gift list. And I kept the blue one for myself, of course.

– this rather odd pillow-like thing. I’m considering making a whole series of the wind, fire, earth, and water elements but I can’t decide whether this pillow is more representative of water or wind. I do have an awesome idea for fire, though. Either way, I plundered it for stuffing and the project will probably have to wait for summer break.

– my highly adapted Crochet Sack. I really enjoyed making it, and I really love the lining fabric, but it’s completely not my style. Since my pattern is quite different from the original, I’m wondering what the copyright rules would be about this and whether I could sell it… Anyone interested?

– the always freaking adorable Cthulhu. I really wish I’d had some green yarn, but I guess he’s… unique.

– this… Thing. I *had* to use up some left over baby yarn that I hated, hence the color choice. The pattern is original (but not written up just yet) and I’ve never really seen anything like it. Perhaps there’s a reason for that? If I knew more 12 year old girls, maybe I’d have someone to give it to. But really, I think the pattern has potential, just without colors that most people can’t get away with wearing.

– And then I have this whole string of crochet jewelry… I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do with it all, but since I got my ears pierced last week (finally), I might actually end up using something I’ve made.

Thanks guys. I apologize for the very vertical post and I promise I’ll have something much more interesting soon (winkwink, nudgenudge) so stick around. And just FYI, I really love comments, even if it’s just to say you’re reading.


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4 thoughts on “Things I’ve Knit/Crocheted Recently

  1. Ooooo, I love that pillow! Can’t wait to see the other elements!

  2. Oh, I can’t wait either! Now do you think it looks more like water or wind?

  3. I just found your site and I’m glad I did. Your blog is rather interesting to read. Most blogs just give the pattern so I’m glad to find some that actually give a little more about the pattern and/or why they are making whatever it is they are making. Anyway…love the turtles and the pillow! the earrings are cute…I don’t have pierced ears anymore (too much of a hassle for me) but still cute.

  4. Thank you! No, I really mean it. I’m always fretting that I’m not balancing things correctly and it’s really nice to get positive feedback. Real patterns tend to take a lot of energy/time and I’m glad you like the other posts and rambles (aka fluff!).

    Keep up the crocheting!

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