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Knitting until my hands fall off…

Almost since I learned to knit, I’ve been making baby blankets for whoever I know that becomes pregnant. The first few were… rather awful and painstakingly slow, but now that I’ve done a few, I think I’ve got the hang of it. Important things to remember:

– cotton or Really Nice acrylic. Wool and other animal fibers can lead to or aggravate allergies and besides, for us poor people (like college students!) they can get really expensive
– avoid patterns with gaping holes. You can risk getting baby fingers and toes caught and, while unlikely, I’d hate to injure some innocent kid…

I really prefer baby blankets to other blankets I’ve made (uggg) because they’re so much faster and I drop them off as anonymously as possible (generally outside of the teacher’s office). But anyways, I think this one’s my favorite so far, by miles. Although the project’s already tracked on Ravelry, here’s the quick and dirty.

Chevron Blanket (knit version) pattern off Ravelry
– Vanna’s Choice Baby yarn in Goldfish and Duckie
– size 8 straight needles (the really long ones… 14 inches?)


See? And there’s my Micheal’s bill that I used for keeping track of rows until I realized I could just count the number of decreases in a column. BUT it also came in handy for massing the changes in the weight of my ball of yarn, so I could figure out when I’d run out. (I HATE running out of yarn, and I haven’t found an LYS that carries cheap yarn yet. I did, however, add an extra column of chevron, since I was using dramatically smaller needles than the pattern called for. So that makes 114 cast on stitches, for future reference. Hopefully I’ll have more picture of the actual blanket soon.


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