Tossed Cookies

Another scarf pattern?

Why yes, although it’s another simple one too.

This was the first thing my mother attempted to teach me to knit, although I didn’t actually become a knitter until years later. I blame the Homespun yarn, which I would only ever suggest someone with experience use because it’s such a pain, despite the pretty colors. And I’m very much an image-based learner, so she could show me how to a million times and I would never get it, really. Here’s the pattern!

CO some multiple of 4 stitches (I’m guessing mine is 20 stitches total.)
Row 1: *K2, P2*
Repeat to desired length.

And here’s a version done in some fuzzy yarn. Not homespun or eyelash, but somewhere in between. This became my everyday scarf when it got chilly here in North Carolina over winter. The cheap acrylic meant I could still breathe, but it kept the wind from biting quite as hard… I’m working on another in Grape Homespun for a swap, so I should have those up soon too.  From afar:


And up close:

Back to my scarf…


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