Tossed Cookies

Small Asian cuteness for a small cute Asian…

One of my close friends for 5 years (as well as a former roommate…) asked me to make her a scarf ages ago (like on the order of years). And, with the scarf 2.0 blocking on my bed, I stumbled this rather awesome site for anime cross stitch:

I’d really like to make this one for her:


Except I have no freaking clue how to cross stitch… But I have a frame ready and everything! So maybe this can be my summer project, learning to stitch, when I have access to a Michael’s? *crosses fingers* And then, something geeky for Harry or my brother, and then maybe I can try embroidery and then, and then… Yes, I really so excited I can’t talk. Or my words jumble or something. But here are a few more I really liked from Craftster:


And they are by:
Top: craftylikeafox
Bottom Left: BabyPop
Bottom Right: beefranck

Oh, thank you for putting up with my possible new obsession…



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