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The first proof of my actual craftiness…

So roughly a year ago, I made a gigantic blanket that I never got pictures of for my now-ex boyfriend. It was so gigantic, I was continuously buying balls of Natural colored Bernat Softee Chunky. And because I’m more than a bit scatterbrained sometimes, I managed to misplace several balls under my bed, in a drawer, etc… Fast forward a few months and my oldest friend decides to go to school in Boston (brr…) and would I please make her a scarf. I threw together a pattern of my own (rather boring) design and figured I could use all the remaining balls of yarn until they ran out. Here’s the pattern, though it shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to figure out.

The Wellesley Scarf

My charming brother offered to model for me in North Carolina’s July heat. Keep in mind, he’s about 6 feet tall and it’s wrapped twice around his neck.



Use any yarn and the recommended straight needle size. I used Bernat Softee Chunky in Natural on size 8 needles

Cast on some multiple of 6. Repeat each row’s directions until you reach the end of that row. For neater edges, slip the first stitch in each row.

Row 1: K3, P3

Row 2: P1, K3, P2

Row 3: K1, P3, K2

Row 4: P3, K3

Row 5: P2, K3, P1

Row 6: K2, P3, K1

Repeat Rows 1-6 until you run out of yarn.

For those of you who prefer a chart view, I’ve created two charts. The first is what the pattern should look like from the right side and is a bit easier to decipher. The second chart should be followed starting at the (1,1) block, worked to the right, jump up to the (6,2) block and worked to the left and so forth, weaving back and forth across the chart. I clearly need to learn how to make charts…


I think I’ll go learn how to make a chart now…

Edited to add:  Thanks in part to the efforts of the fabulous knitters on Ravelry, I’ve got some additional ideas.  The first was discovered by accident, although I’m still not entirely sure it’s not just a mistake in my pattern.  Instead of continuing the diagonal lines in the same direction for the entire scarf, reverse the direction of the diagonals once the diagonal that started on the left has reached the right side (or vice versa).  The next is my suggestion after seeing a few examples (sorry!).  Instead of shifting the knit/purl pattern over every row, only shift the ribs on alternating rows.  This will give the scarf ribs a more gradual slope and help elongate the appearance of the scarf.  Here’s an excerpt of what the pattern would look like:

1- K3, P3, repeat across
2- repeat row 1
3- K2, P3, K1, repeat across
4- repeat row 3
5- K1, P3, K2, repeat across
6- repeat row 5

Even though I have no intention of testing the pattern out any time soon (it’s April in North Carolina, people!), I’ll try to add an image as soon as possible.



Small Asian cuteness for a small cute Asian…

One of my close friends for 5 years (as well as a former roommate…) asked me to make her a scarf ages ago (like on the order of years). And, with the scarf 2.0 blocking on my bed, I stumbled this rather awesome site for anime cross stitch:

I’d really like to make this one for her:


Except I have no freaking clue how to cross stitch… But I have a frame ready and everything! So maybe this can be my summer project, learning to stitch, when I have access to a Michael’s? *crosses fingers* And then, something geeky for Harry or my brother, and then maybe I can try embroidery and then, and then… Yes, I really so excited I can’t talk. Or my words jumble or something. But here are a few more I really liked from Craftster:


And they are by:
Top: craftylikeafox
Bottom Left: BabyPop
Bottom Right: beefranck

Oh, thank you for putting up with my possible new obsession…


Clothes zombie…

Blue Dress Jason WuAnother post, and so soon? No, not really… it’s just that, if I sewed as much as I wish I could, I’d love to try making this blue dress (courtesy of, from designer Jason Wu). I’ve been looking for more clothes that completely my “hourglass” figure and this, with more bodice please, seems perfect. And that necklace? Inspirational…

Honestly, I’ve been obsessed with finding clothes for spring. I’m sick of just wearing T-shirts and jeans, but I think I’ve gotten my hopes up so high, I might not actually find anything…

Wish me luck…

Hello World, Take 3

For reasons unknown to even myself, I’ve decided to set up a blog solely devoted to my shriveled right brain. (How about that mental image?) I may not have to time, resources (side affect of dorm life), or appropriate amount of black bile, but I’ll be damned if I haven’t got the spirit. I suppose that, because I’m (relatively) young and still trying to “figure myself out” as they say, I tend to be unpredictable in my output. I like to try new tutorials as I find them online, especially if they’ve unlike anything I’ve done before. And I will, of course try to take pictures of rather dubious quality. It’s all part of the learning process!

I assume this is where I describe my do’s and don’ts? I do:
– knit: straight or double points, please, and I’d like to try more colorwork
– crochet: odd little things here and there, but I’m much better at figuring out how a crocheted piece was made by looking at it than I am with knitting
– doodle: mainly in the margins of notebooks, despite my having an actual sketchbook. Since I seem to like repetitive designs, fabric design could be really cool but I, alas, am destined for something “serious.”
– sew: at least enough to provide me with a simple wallet, lining of a crocheted bag, and a reconned t-shirt. It’s definitely something I’d like to pursue further, but preferably after aquiring a sewing machine.
– cook: I have been known to cook on at least one occasion, but mostly in an attempt to spruce up classic dorm food (ie. Ramen)

I don’t:
do nothing. I feel the need to have a project going at all times, even if it’s as simple as the Daily Tar Heel’s Sudoku and Crossword. I am limited by cash (like everyone else..), time (I had 4 major tests and an essay due in the last week!), and resources (I would kill for a Micheal’s within walking distance. Instead, I got one overpriced yarn store). Anyone else noticing my serious love affair with parentheses?

And before I get any more wordy, _ quick facts that will serve as my introduction:
1- I am a proud(ish) UNC TarHeel ’12.
2- I’m a bonified nerd, as in I play World of Warcraft, love (and crocheted) a 12 sided die, and get excited by boys who can program. And then my girl friends tell me I have bad taste in boys. *sigh*
3- I’m a “none white” and pretty damn proud of it, even if my darker skin makes shopping and most spring fashion (pastels) just plain awkward. I’m thinking about offering some sort of prize to the first person to guess what exactly I may be. By that, I mean the countries in which my parents were born.
4- I’m supposed to become a doctor or scientist or something… We’ll see.
5- My brother loves me . I think that’s a rather important trait for someone to have. And I don’t mean the “I have to love you because we have a similar DNA sequence” type of love because, then, Koko the gorilla would deserve almost as much love as I do. The love of a sibling is, quite tritely, a friend you will always have despite any murder, mayhem, or general chaos you may cause.

And on that rather sappy note, I bid you adieu in favor of helping a friend study Italian.
err, Ciao?

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